Since the production plan of the company aimed,from the beginning, at "meeting the market requirements within the widest scope", the production lines were set to fulfill this objective and meet the requirements of the local and Gulf markets,as well as those of the Middle East and international countries,as follows

First Production Line(Carton Paper)

The first production line is dedicated to fluting paper and Brown top liner paper and White top liner paper of high quality and according to the highest industry standards in the world.The first production line was developed in 1997,taking the total production capacity to 36,000 tons and adding a new product, namely white white carton paper.It was renewed in 2000 to up the capacity to 4500 tons and the quality was also improved.More upgrade was conducted in 2003 and 2007, taking the production of capacity to 50000 tons annually. The Management is looking forward to expand more by in terms of capacity and quality and to achieve a fully environment friendly factory. There are plans to buy a new machine after reviewing the requirements of the market in terms of supply and demand. This job will be carried out with VALMET-ITALY/FINLAND

Our Products

Fluting Paper

    This type is used as an internal / middle layer of carton.

Brown Top Liner Paper

    It is used as a top layer of carton.

White Top Liner Paper

    It is used as a top of high quality carton.

Core Paper

Core/ paper tubes for paper or plastic wrapping products.
The raw materials used in production include rippled carton paper, old carton, various kinds of surplus, surplus paper,paper rolls, craft cement bags and craft chemical materials bags.

Second Production Line(Tissue Paper, hygiene paper, tissue, kitchen tissue, and napkins)

The second production line is dedicated to high quality hygiene paper,as well as toilet paper and kitchen tissues and napkins from paper pulp, using the international specifications and standards of the industry. The line was devloped in 2000 to reach the capacity of 12500 tons per year,and another hike by the end of 2015 to take the total capacity to 15000 tons annually. The products:this line produces the following paper products:

Jumbo roll hygienic paper.
Jumbo roll kitchen paper.
Jumbo roll toilet paper.
Jumbo roll paper napkins.

Third Production Line(Converting)

This line is designated for the precise cutting and packing paper of high quality for tissue paper boxes to bestow a final luster that is very attractive to consumers because of the possibility of custom-designed packing. This line converts the jumbo rolls to be used as kitchen, napkin and toilet paper rolls of different sizes. The most important clients that sell this produt in Kuwait and the Gulf countries are private companies, super markets and cooperative societies in addition to our sales to the McDonald's fast food outlets in Kuwait, Gulf and Middile East countries,South Africa and in the European markets and soon in India.