About Our Dubai Factory

Factory Jebel Ali Free Zone – Dubai

The name “GULF PAPER” has established its leading position in the paper industry and its significance is accepted by the leading converting industries (both packing grade converters and tissue converters) especially in the Middle East.

This privilege encouraged our responsibilities to the market, hence the management decided to widen our product features and look for a different operating point to attain the benefits of diversification. This enabled us to locate a Paper Mill in Jebel Ali Free Zone, which was shut down due to improper management.

One of the main reasons which impelled us to acquire this mill was its machine deckle width of 4.2 meter. Which is wide enough to satisfy several existing and prospective customers of Kuwait mill.

For Sales Enquiry, please contact Mr.Varghese Philip, +971 50 9566572, sales@gpmc.ae

Rebuilding Process

Our next effort was to rebuild the machinery to modernize its operation and to increase its production capacity. The effort was not tiresome for our skilled and experienced technical team with ample financial support from the side of Parent Company’s Management Team. Hence, we approached the vendors of existing machinery, M/S VALMET – ITALY/FINLAND, (The pioneer of Paper Mill Machinery)
We have upgraded or replaced all infrastructure and installations from 2003 till 2007. The major suppliers of other installations and jobs done by them are given below. The Vendors’ names itself prove the quality, we considered for our venture.

SEEI SPA, Italy Electrical Panels and Installation
Honeywell Measure, France Davinci Quality Control System
Hoyrytys OY Vapor Works, Finland Steam Boiler Module
AV Engineers, Italy Steam and Condensate system
Envirotek, Turkey Water Treatment Equipment

At the final stage of rebuilding we started the process of recruiting the skilled and unskilled workers. We brought in experienced and dedicated work force from different countries after thoroughly scrutinizing to fulfill our standards. We built up a new administration wing and renovated the existing machinery area to give appropriate working environment of our staff. The Gulf Paper Manufacturing Free Zone Co. (GPMCFZCO) had successfully launched its first lot of production during the last quarter of the year 2005.

The aim of increasing our production was to increase from 35,000 tons to 40,000 tons annually, and we achieved 33,000 tons in the year 2006 and 38,000 tons in 2007.

During 2008 and 2009 we achieved the target of 47,000 metric ton and during 2011, 2014 we achieved 65,000 metric tons. We are planning to achieve 70,000 metric tons in coming years. With our initial planning of modification of the original machinery could withstand increase in speed to boost the production volume, but with some modification time to time.

We did not make any special effort to introduce our name, though GPMCFZCO was a new venture in the UAE Market. Because the Parent company GMC Kuwait was overburdened with the customer demands which we could not met due to demand in excess to Kuwait mill capacity and due to wide deckle requests. These circumstances still prevail; hence we are able to sell out our major portion of stock at the very same month of its production. Another prominent fact is that within 1 ½ years from its inception the GPMFZCO has improved the product quality standards same as its parent company GPMC Kuwait.

In addition to the local market we serve mainly all GCC countries (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman etc.), Middle East and Asian Markets such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan etc.

GPMCFZCO’S Commitment to Environment

Our nature of Business is committed to environmental protection. Our driving force is that we fulfill our environmental and social responsibility every single day. We choose to do what is environmentally and ethically correct, all in accordance with the challenges of the various directives on environmental issues.

We recycle nearly 6000 metric tons of waste paper material per month and we have a world standard water treatment plant to treat the waste water.

Quality Certification